The Jetrail® project team is delighted to receive the award from the state of Carinthia.

Innovation and Research Award 2024 for on point medicals

On May 15, 2024, on point medicals GmbH was named this year’s winner of the Innovation and Research Award of the State of Carinthia (IFP) for its Jetrail® project at the Congress Center Villach. “With their innovative spirit, the award winners show very impressively what is possible from Carinthia and thus virtually anticipate the future. They are shining examples for many other innovative minds,” emphasized Governor Peter Kaiser. The IFP is the highest award that the KWF has presented annually on behalf of the state of Carinthia for excellent performance in the field of research and development since 2004

“The award winners
are shining examples for
many other innovative minds. “

With the “Jetrail® | Customized and safe aliquoting of blood serum” project, Onpoint won in the small and medium-sized enterprises category. This is a newly developed system for the fast, simple and sterile filling of blood serum for use as eye drops. With this innovation, Onpoint was also recommended for the “State Prize for Innovation” and the special “Econovius” award.

You can find the video and the company portrait of the innovation at 

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