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Blood irradiation: Do not assume – verify!

Blood irradiation is vital for patients at risk of developing TA-GvHD. Find out more about how to correctly verify blood irradiation and why dosimetry checks and the use of irradiation indicators should not be ignored or confused.

Closing the cold chain cycle for blood products

Cold chain management can ensure that unused blood products are returned to the blood bank safely. In times of blood shortages it is more than important that surplus blood products can be reused. More on why temperature monitoring is essential.

What is blood irradiation?

Blood is irradiated before transfusion in order to avoid the formation of the rare but mostly fatal TA-GvHD. Here is why it is much better to prevent this disease with blood irradiation than to diagnose it.

TA-GvHD – a deadly disorder

The transfusion-associated graft-versus-host reaction is a complication of blood transfusion in immunodeficient patients. Read here why it can arise and what serious reactions it causes.

Digitalisation and blood irradiation

The digital traceability of blood transfusions is of crucial importance - also if blood irradiation is involved. Find the latest developments in digital verification of blood irradiation in this article.

X-ray or gamma irradiation?

The irradiation process of blood products can currently be carried out with gamma or X-ray irradiation. But what are the differences and the latest developments between the two radiation sources?

Introducing our new website

We are very excited to announce that our new website is live. This is much more than an update. It fully communicates our concept of who we are and what we can do for you. Read more on what's new for visitors and distribution partners.

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